We offer a family friendly environment with games run by our admin staff.  Our indoor play field is filled with challenging obstacles to keep things interesting.  The arena is available for private rental for events and birthdays.  Please see more information below with rates and rules.


If you have everything you need to play the fees are

One hour arena pass $10
Three hour arena pass $20
All session arena pass $30

If you need everything

use our Try-Me Package which includes the arena pass, G&G M4 rental, mask rental and BBs:

1 Hour Try-Me: $25
Extra Hour $10 each




We also offer per mission price if you would like to just play 1 or 2 games.

Private parties are available 7 days a week and start at just $25 per person and include everything you need to play.

Please call for more info and to book your party.

BBs .2g   $5 small bag    $15 large bag

Airsoft Full Face Mask Rental – $5


Everyone is to fill out and sign a  prior to playing in our arena. All personal airsoft guns must be checked in and tested by our chronograph.

We have a limit of 350fps with our .20 BBs.

Please keep guns in bag or original box until you enter the store.

We require full face protection. For safety reasons, all masks need to be verified prior to play. This can be done when you check in your personal gun. Masks must be worn in the arena at all times.

We only use the highest quality BBs in our arena, and require our brand be used. This is strictly enforced for safety reasons!! Please call if you have any questions 503-985-TEAM (8326).

All players are to respect each other while enjoying our arena. Physical contact is not part of the game, and is NOT allowed. Accidents can happen during game play. If you have any concerns about another player, immediately discuss it with an admin. Do not engage another player over a dispute. We want to ensure that everyone enjoys our arena, and do our best to create an environment WITHOUT intimidation!

CALL YOUR HITS!! This is critical to exciting game play. Believe it or not, calling your hits is way more fun than it sounds. It keeps things fair, and constantly changing. Not only is it a strictly enforced rule, but it’s how we play the game!! If you feel a team has an advantage; please consult with the admin. Teams can be reconfigured to suite player skill levels.